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DMCA Resources for Bloggers

Last week, I wrote about copyright and creative commons for bloggers, and I want to revisit that briefly today. Thanks to Steve, I’ve been reading, who had a post about the problems bloggers are having with Google’s DMCA policy. Essentially, Google isn’t keeping records of DMCA take-down requests and is removing blog posts without … Continue reading

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Five More WordPress Plugins to Simplify Your Blogging

When I finally bought my own domain and hosting, I knew that I was going to use as my blogging software. As a regular reader of Blogger’s Guide, the first thing I did once WordPress was installed was check and install the “Five WordPress Plugins That Make Blogging Life Easier.” Since then, I’ve downloaded … Continue reading

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For-the-Love-of-Links Friday | 27 June 2008

Today’s link-lovin’ is brought to you by ScribeFire, this rock awesome little Firefox add-on that let’s me blog without logging in to WordPress.

That said, let’s get down to business. I honestly didn’t think I’d have much for you to read this week, but I was surprised by how much was on my list. If you read anything this week, be sure to check out “We all scream for ice cream.” Continue reading

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Blogger vs. WordPress: Who's Got the Upper Hand?

In the blogosphere, Blogger and Wordpress are two very popular blogging tools, but they’re popular for different reasons. Blogger tends to be the beginner’s place to start because it simplifies the art of blogging and makes it easy for the novice to understand. On the other hand, Wordpress tends to be the intermediate and advanced bloggers’ tool of choice not necessarily because it’s more complicated than Blogger but because in general, it produces more professional-looking blogs. I’ve used both tools, and I like features in both. Continue reading