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My First Tri: The Complete Race Report

2:03:26. The official I-completed-a-triathlon-and-didn’t-die time. I thought I was going to die–several times. I have several post-triathlon posts up my sleeve, but today’s will cover my experience at the Republic Tiger Tri (and how much it sucked). OK. I’m being melodramatic. I’ve been finished with the race for about 34 hours, and in retrospect, I am very proud of myself. I’m a triathlete now! Yikes! Thirty-four hours ago, though, it was a different story. Here’s how everything went down: Continue reading

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Let the Triathlon Training Commence!

Consider yourself warned: this blog is about to change directions. I’ve committed to the Republic (Missouri) Tiger Triathlon on August 23, and this is probably what I’ll write about most of the summer. I’ve been considering this for a few weeks: researching triathlon training, testing the waters (literally), and discussing this with friends. Am I crazy? Well, that’s an entirely different blog post, but in the case of this triathlon, the answer is no: Continue reading