I started A Fool of Myself in 2006, so much of my blog posts were written between then and now. But I reserve the right to jump into my time machine and write about any time of my life. Here’s the basic timeline:


Sarah Jo is welcomed into the world. First stop: Mom & Dad’s favorite steak house in Clinton. Today, it’s a Chinese restaurant.


Sarah Jo eats too many M&Ms at the neighbors’ house, gives herself a tummy ache, and goes to bed. When she wakes the next morning, she learns she is a big sister.


Sarah Jo bonds with JP in Mrs. Thorton’s fourth grade class over the Mandie books. Books become the common bond between us, and we have been besties ever since.


Sarah Jo graduates high school as salutatorian of her CHS class, and she moves to Springfield to attend Missouri State University.


Chris and Sarah Jo meet at church. He is most impressed by her technical editing portfolio, and she is most impressed by his ballroom dancing skills. They are engaged on December 31.


Sarah and Chris both graduate from MSU. Then they get married. Sarah begins graduate school at MSU.


Sarah finally, after much hard, toilsome work, finishes her thesis and graduates with her Master’s degree.


Sarah Jo and Chris welcome Kidlet into the world. And nothing has been the same since.


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