A Fool of Myself

Happy Snow Day!

A failed attempt at making snow angels.
Brrr! It’s cold and snowy in southwest Missouri today! Since it’s a Friday, E and I were scheduled to be home from school and work anyway, but the university closed all offices today (it’s Dead Day, no classes), so Chris is home from work, too. We slept in and ate cinnamon rolls for breakfast. The guys played outside in the snow while I logged into work for about an hour. And I braved the roads to sell a Craigslist item while they watched a movie. (Hey, $15 is $15.) In a bit, I think we’re going to walk around the corner and visit some neighbors.

All this to say, I’m incredibly thankful for our jobs. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy days like today as a family. 

Chris and I don’t make a lot of money, but our jobs do more than pay the bills. Here are some of my favorite examples:

  • Chris has an excellent vacation benefits. His vacation days rack up faster than he can use them, which affords him little vacations like the entire week of Thanksgiving he took off from work. He can also use his vacation time to attend E’s preschool activities and play Mr. Mom on mornings that I have early work meetings. I’m so thankful that he can be there for us when he needs to be.
  • My boss is incredibly flexible with my work schedule. She gets that I have a three-year-old and that I’m subject to the whims of the flu and snow days. Most weeks, I work at the office while E is in school, but I have the freedom to run an errand or go to an appointment during that time if I need to. And I have the freedom to log in to work from home, so I often work while E naps in the afternoon or while we’re watching TV in the evenings.
  • Chris has a crazy retirement plan. As an employee of a public university, he basically gets a 400% match on his retirement contributions. Something like 4% of his paycheck goes to retirement, and his retirement system “matches” with a contribution worth 16% of his paycheck. I about peed my pants when I started doing the math. Needless to say, I plan for him to work for the university until he retires!
  • My workplace is super fun. We ran a marathon relay in November. We geek out over new QuickBooks tricks. We love office trips to Staples together. Our boss sponsors “optional staff training” at our favorite restaurants when we have birthdays or insanely stressful weeks. Plus we have an unspoken “no drama” policy; we genuinely get along with one another.

On top of these things, Chris and I both love our jobs. We love the work we get to do, and we love the people we get to work with. And we know that not everyone can say that about their work, which will make us even more thankful to go back to work on Monday. Today, though, we are thankful for snow days!