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The Rest of the Story

Garage sales are for winners!
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When I took over the family finances in July, we were in the hole. The month was far from over, and we were out of money. But we rallied.

We sold my Nook and my Macbook. We sold books and DVDs. We sold our video game system. We sold our old iPhones. Anything and everything (including our wedding rings, which no, we didn’t sell) was on the chopping block. We cleaned the house and had a garage sale with friends.* We got paid for my last two freelance projects.

But most important, we tithed. Ten percent of everything that came in went to Jesus. I know, giving away 10% of everything that comes in when you’re in the hole is counter intuitive, but we knew Jesus was providing for us. All of this income, this favor we were receiving from those buying from us, this change in our hearts, was from him. He was providing for us. He had always been providing for us; we had just been terrible stewards.

And you know what? At the end of July, we were in the black! Once we made the switch, we had zero (ZERO!!) overdrafts the rest of the month (more on my disdain for overdrafts later). We were out of the July hole!

But August was around the corner, and we needed new tires. Desperately. And we still needed to evaluate our budget and overall spending trajectory. And well, I guess you’ll have to wait to read the story of our August financial adventure…

* Life…together. Lane Harrison, be proud.


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  1. Ugh — don’t get me started on overdrafts!!! I am really enjoying this series, Sarah. Most people don’t talk very candidly about money, and I think it makes it hard to learn how we’re supposed to handle money.

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