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Operation Feather Pillow

I don’t know about y’all, but I am not an early riser. When I think back to my early mornings in high school — when I was up with the birds at 6 AM — I wonder, Who was that person? Fast forward 13 years, and I like my sleep. Before E came along, I could easily take a two-hour nap every day when I got home from work + sleep in well past the generally accepted grown-up time of waking.

But E has been around now for 2+ years (geez, can you believe that?), and my sleeping habits have adjusted. I can’t nap longer than an hour, and I’m almost always up by 8 AM. Yes, I know, that even these crazy sleep idiosyncrasies are not considered normal either, but throw me a bone here, folks.

Well, we have E enrolled in preschool four days a week this summer + daily early start. This means that he’ll be going to school Monday through Thursday instead of Monday and Wednesday, and he’ll be starting at 9 AM instead of 10 AM. And since I like a nice little buffer of time between getting up and going anywhere, that means I need to readjust my wake-up time. And by buffer time, I mean that I like to have time for a leisurely sit-down breakfast plus time to get dressed and do a few chores. I’ve found two hours is ideal, especially when I’m flying solo with E during the week.

As a result, last week I began Operation Feather Pillow (OFP) in an effort to move my wake-up time back. Last week, I set my alarm for 7 AM and allowed for three snoozes, requiring that I get up at 7:30. This week, my alarm is set for 6:50 AM, so I’m up by 7:20, which means I actually see Chris before he leaves for work. That’s something new. I’m also getting up according to this schedule on the weekends. On Sundays, we go to the 9:00 AM service anyway, so a wakeup time of 7:20 is actually a little late. And on Saturdays, I have long training runs, and I like to get out the door by 8:30 or 9:00.

I’m not doing much to adjust my nighttime routine to accommodate the new morning schedule. I like to start winding down around 10 PM, and I try to be in bed with the lights off by 11 PM. I keep telling myself that I’m going to allow some time for bedtime reading, but that hasn’t been a priority the last two weeks because I’ve been suffering through a nasty cold and now allergies. (Can anyone relate?)

For now, my goal is to get my wake-up time to 7 AM by June. On the days I’m feeling ambitious, I say that a 5 or 6 AM wake-up would be ideal, so I could get in some me time (i.e., meditation, Bible study, prayer, journaling, working out, getting dressed) before the house begins to stir, but let’s stick with 7 AM for now.

And now it’s your turn: What is your morning routine? Do you have any tips for becoming an early bird?


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  1. I’m a 6am no-snooze-button person… not by choice, but it’s the only way I can get ready before Josiah wakes up and give us enough time to get out the door between 7:30 and 7:45.

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