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April Goals

My friend Sarah posted her April goals on her blog this morning, and she got me thinking about my own goals for the month, so I thought I would share, too. If you’re into goal setting, why not write yours up and share them with us?

  • Finish one and start another graduation afghan for my nephews. We have two nephews graduating high school next month, and I’m well-behind on my crocheting for them. Eek!
  • Tailor a pair of my dress jeans into straight-leg jeans.
  • Finish all of the housecleaning on my monthly to-do list, including washing exterior windows.
  • Fill the planters I bought last summer with dirt and pretty plants.
  • Stay healthy and make it to the tapering phase of half marathon training.
  • Play more baseball with E. The kid just loves going outside a playing baseball. So far, he’s hitting pretty well off the T, and we’re working on running to “base” (around a tree) and back to home.

What are you up to this month? Any exciting goals you’re ready to check off your list?


2 thoughts on “April Goals

  1. Those are awesome goals! So far I’ve been going pretty easy on myself, but I have some bigger projects that I’d like to get done this year, so I know I need to start adding a new more “hard” projects to my monthly list.

  2. Those are great goals! I need to plant some stuff this month, too. Argh… I’m constantly trying not to make my to-do list too long and overwhelm myself.

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