Gigantic Idiot

A Week of Random Injuries

I’m not sure what my problem is this week; I am injuring myself left and right! No joke. Here is the list of maladies I have nursed the last seven days:

  • Cut on the back of my thumb — no idea where this one came from, but it required a bandage. It’s healed now.
  • Splinter in my left big toe — tripped on the floorboard in E’s room on Saturday, and this thing is still embedded in my toe. I need to go to the doctor to have it extracted, but I have to wait for a paycheck or our tax return before I can make an appointment.
  • Cut on my left index finger — cut my finger cleaning the blade of my food processor, and it’s more or less healed.
  • Scraped the skin off the top of my left big toe — got this one treading water too close to the wall of the pool yesterday, so now I have two bandages on that toe.
  • Broke the nails off my right middle finger and ring finger — again, too close to the wall in the pool while performing a flip turn. Broke the nails off, and I have some small abrasions that I can’t see, but I can feel (as evidenced by the pain I endured just to eat some chips and salsa last night).

And on top of all that, my Achilles’ tendon on my left foot is flaring up again, so no running today. And I think I’ll lay off the weight lifting for a few weeks in hopes that doing so will allow me to run. Lots of icing, stretching, and foam rolling.

I mentioned on Twitter yesterday that I have been so injury prone this week that I’m afraid to go into my kitchen. I did managed to clean it without hurting myself last night, and I didn’t have to cook dinner, so hopefully this weird week will wrap up without any trips to the ER!