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Just Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming

I swear that this is not becoming a swimming blog.

So I swam again today. Flip turns are going well, and I’m able to complete 2 – 2.5 laps (100 – 125 yards) at a time without drowning.

Until today.

The Lifeguard, who is about the friendliest lifeguard I’ve ever met, stopped me again today and asked me when my indoor triathlon was. (A week from Saturday, if the budget allows.) And she said that my flip turns look really good. (Yea!) And then, she was all like, you know, if you alternated breathing from one side to another every three strokes rather than on one side every two strokes, you’d be so much more efficient.

And I was all like, I know. But I might drown if I try breathing on my right side.

But I tried it. And the Lifeguard was right. 

I mean, don’t get me wrong. I sucked down a lot of water today. I’ve been stroke, stroke, breathe left, stroke stroke breathe left -ing for 30 years. Breathing on my right side feels about as natural as cutting snowflakes with my left hand. That is, it doesn’t.

But I practiced the stroke, stroke, stroke, breathe left, stroke stroke stroke breathe right. And it’s gonna take about 100 more hours in the pool for that to feel “right,” and my flip turn timing has taken a major hit, but I think it will improve my swimming in the long term.

Because I care about my swimming these days. I just don’t know who I am any more.