Run More Awesome

Workouts // Week of October 8

Monday, October 8 — no workout. Had to wait for furnace guy to repair furnace in the morning. And I had grocery shopping to do after Kidlet’s nap.

Tuesday, October 9 — One hour in pool. Rotated between free, breast, and back strokes; lower body only and upper body only; and pool running.

Wednesday, October 10 — 3 x 10 weights. Completed single leg squats, lunges, and deadlifts on both legs. Last week left lower leg had a small amount of soreness, so I think it was safe to try these again. Plus some activity feels better than no activity. No activity seems to make it hurt more.

Thursday, October 11 — no workout. Did a favor for a neighbor and waited while HVAC guys finished installing her furnace. Also, have I mentioned I’m PMSing this week? I have zero energy, lots of headaches, and don’t dare ask me a stupid question. But I did get to do some running at Girls on the Run; we played a game of tag, and coaches were “it.” Did some spurts of running, and no complaints from the AT. Practice 5K is next week, so I’ll have a chance to run-walk on it then.

Friday, October 12 — 3 x 15 weights. Felt good. Switched back to VFFs rather than my Asics. My balance and form are much better in the minimal shoes. Think I’ll add some weight to the single leg exercises next week. And I probably need to switch other things up. Make note to look up kettlebell workouts for runners on YouTube.