Run More Awesome

Workouts // Week of October 1

Monday, October 1 — Lots of housework today, so I didn’t go to the gym. But I vacuumed and mopped inside, swept the garage, and washed some windows. Being on my feet all day made my Achilles tendon a little sore.

Tuesday, October 2 — Pool work. About 40 minutes of laps and running. Then wrapped up by treading water and doing some legs swings.

Wednesday, October 3 — 3 x 15 weights. Still sticking to no weight on my lower body. Completing single leg exercises on my right leg. May try doing some squats and lunges on the left leg for my next 3 x 5 workout.

Thursday, October 4 — 10K row. I only survive rowing with a fun pack of podcasts to listen to. Today was a mix of Running with the Pack, Grammar Girl, and Pop Culture Happy Hour. And I find it mildly depressing — but on the flip side, awesome — that I can row a 10K faster than I can run one.

Friday, October 5 — 3 x 5 weights. Love that I am improving my bicep curls. Can *almost* complete five reps at 50 lbs. tried some single-leg squats and lunges on the left leg and felt good. We’ll see how the AT feels tomorrow. Holding off on calf raises for at least another week.

Saturday, October 6 — no workout*

Sunday, October 7 — no workout*

* in general, I am not working out on the weekends. Of course, when I get healthy, I’ll have more races and long runs on Saturdays.