Run More Awesome

Happy Labor Day!


Praying that all of you are enjoying a safe and sober(ish) day off work. And for those of you who are working, well, I never know what to say to you. And a huge thank you to all our service men and women around the world!

In other news, my hip is feeling better this morning, but my heel is still wonky. I am still foam rolling, stretching, and resting. Chris KT Taped my Achilles tendon this morning (pictured, notice my sexy owl PJs). My heel feels OK when I flex, but it really starts to ache when I am (what I call) hyper-flexing for an extended period. You know, when you prop your feet on a footstool or on the rungs of a chair? Kinda hard to explain.

Anyway, just wanted to wish you a happy Labor Day and show off the tape work. I’m trying to relax with my family and friends the rest of the day! Have an excellent day!