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I have allowed myself exactly 20 minutes to give you an update on how everything — heart rate training, pescetarianism, coaching, et al — is going, so prepare thyselves to speed through these bullet points:

  • Heart rate training using my heart rate monitor is going well. I’m wearing it for all my workouts to get a measure of how hard I am working. A surprise is that I had been working a bit too hard on my easy runs, so I get to back down my effort on those. I am also pleased to see that my HR gets into the 85% MHR for cycling class and in the 75-80% when I’m weight lifting. I kept my rowing workout this morning at just below 70%. Tomorrow, I plan to wear the heart rate monitor to see what my heart rate looks like in restorative yoga.
  • I have been on the pescetarian boat since August 1, and so far, so good. Well, I have served some questionable meals to my family. That is, I need to master cooking salmon in the oven, and I need to tweak some recipes. But I give props to Hubs for eating a lentil and spinach burger last Thursday. 🙂
  • Girls on the Run coaching begins two weeks from today. I’ve had my training, and this afternoon I’m heading to my school to meet some of the faculty and recruit girls to the program. I’m super nervous about my first session, but I’m also super excited to have this opportunity to shape young girls’ lives!
  • I’m currently reading The Runner’s Body: How the Latest Exercise Science Can Help You Run Stronger, Longer, and Faster. Really enjoying it. You might too, if you get into science-y stuff.
  • Let’s see. Anything else? Oh, yes, school starts back up next Monday, so I am doing as much prep work as possible before term begins. Forgive me in advance if the frequency of my posting slows down again. I do not plan for it to come to a complete halt though. And with my new training schedule, I am tired all the time. My poor child, he just doesn’t know what to do with his momma when she has not had her coffee.

What about you? How is your training going? Life? Aren’t you glad fall is coming soon?!


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