New Injinji Toesocks & Preventing VFF Blisters

Instagrammed collage of Injinji Toe Socks

Hubs, Kidlet, and I had a bout of cabin fever this afternoon, so I convinced them to come to the mall, so I could try on a pair of Merrell Barefoot Pace Gloves. I’ve been eyeing these shoes for a few months. My VFFs have been giving me blisters on the pads of my feet and my big toes, so I’ve returned to running in a pair of old Asics as of late.

The sales associate at Tradehome was more helpful than I expected. After he pulled a few pairs of the Pace Gloves off the shelves, I explained that I already run in the VFFs and had been getting blisters. He recommended the Merrells, but he also suggested I give the Injinji Toesocks a try before putting down $100 for a pair of shoes.

Since I hadn’t brought my VFFs to the store with me, he pulled a pair for me to try on with the socks, and my feet did feel better with them. I bought two pairs.

After dinner, E and I went on a short walk (during which he requested I carry him, the little stinker) with the socks and the VFFs, and there seems to be less friction all over my feet. I have a short run tomorrow, so I should have a better idea of whether the sock solution will fix my blistering feet.

What about you? Have you experienced blistering with your Vibram Five Fingers? What did you do to remedy the problem?


4 thoughts on “New Injinji Toesocks & Preventing VFF Blisters

  1. Since switching to Injinji I haven’t had blisters in VFF or any other shoe for that matter. My fave sock hands down!

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