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Fitness is a Journey

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A few notes for this fine Wednesday afternoon:

  • Loved my friend Pamela’s post “Fitness is a Journey Not a Destination” over at Thrive Personal Fitness. She says, “Workouts (and life) should be about the present moment. After all, a fitness journey really is about the journey and not just the destination. If you let it whip by without finding relaxation in movement and joy in the small changes and steps accomplished then the point is actually lost. Diets are about end results; fitness is about living each day.” How often do we forget this? I need to be reminded daily hourly.
  • I’ve added a Mile Markers page to Run More Awesome. Mile Markers are short stories about signpost runs that taught us a lesson, were particularly memorable, or makes us laugh. I’ve written few that you can read on the archives page, but now I’m looking for Mile Markers from you! Guidelines for contributing can be found on the Mile Markers page. I hope you’ll consider sharing a story or two!
  • Today is August 1, and starting today, I am going vegetarian for the month. Actually, I’ll be more of a pescatarian, which means that I will eat fish and seafood. Lots of thought went into creating this challenge for myself, and the primary reason for taking it on is to help me be more mindful of what I am eating. I’ve been doing some test runs in the last few weeks, whittling down my meat intake, and I already notice that I am more readily eating fruits and veggies and passing up fried foods. That said, if you have any tips or recipes I should give a go, leave them in the comments!
  • Finally, I attended yoga class this morning at the Y, and I was once again reminded how much I love restoring balance to my body. Running, cycling, rowing, and weights (my four go-to activities) take a toll of my body, and Kirsten’s restorative yoga class helps swing my energy back to the middle. I have an old “Yoga for Runners” post on my other blog, and I’ve recently come across some new yoga resources, so look for those here in the next few days!

That’s all for this fabulous Wednesday! Little one is sleeping, the Olympics are on, and I am taking it easy before the craziness of fall begins!

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