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I {Heart} Running Clinic & Thrive Personal Fitness Guest Post


A quickie quick note this evening, my fair readers. Two things of note for you:

  1. I have a guest post over at Thrive Personal Fitness’s blog today titled ” Six Secrets for Rookie Runners.” Pamela and I run in many of the same circles in Springfield, MO, and she’s a big supporter of my dream to become a running coach. Thanks, Pamela, for the opportunity to serve as your running expert!
  2. If you live in the Springfield, MO, area, CoxHealth is hosting a running clinic this Saturday! I attended their Foot Factor clinic in April, and I learned a lot, so I’m excited about this one. Its theme is “I {Heart} Running,” and the flyer says, “Learn how to use your heart rate to guide the intensity of your workouts, how to train for a specific component of a run/race, and how to establish a training schedule based on race calculators.” Registration is required, and you can register online at I *plan* on writing up a summary of what I learn / review of the clinic. We’ll see how that goes. 🙂

Oh, and the Olympics start tomorrow! Cannot wait to watch the track and field events (and gymnastics, can’t help myself)!



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