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Tuesday, June 19


Tuesdays are the new errand day at the House of Awesome. This morning, E and I hit Office Depot for toner, Target for diapers, and Hank’s Fine Furniture for a new dresser. Yep, Chris and I bit the bullet and bought some real furniture. I would have preferred getting a pair of nightstands and the headboard, but we don’t NEED them like we need drawer.

After our trip to the gym this afternoon, I picked up a little owl trivet from A Cricket in the House, a fabulous, quirky little shop in downtown Springfield. I have special plans for this little guy. And then we hit the library for some items I put on hold. A DVD of Knit $ Crochet Today, audiobook of Stephen King’s On Writing, and a book book titled Quiet.

Naptime now. Duck Waddle 5K is next week. Busy. Busy.