A Fool of Myself

Sunday, June 17 {Father's Day}


Chris banned E and I from getting him anything huge for Father’s Day, so we let him sleep in. While Dad slept, E and I trekked over to Starbucks and bought breakfast.

After breakfast, E helped his dad get ready for church. We took the long way to church so E could take a short nap.

After church and lunch, we all went to Staples and picked up some boxes to organize and put away office supplies. Chris worked on that all afternoon (I offered him an afternoon out of the house – he didn’t take me up). I even got to break out my label maker!

And E played in the new curtains in our bedroom. He loves hiding behind them. He’s got his new bedtime routine down pat and helps with every step. Putting away toys, putting up his shoes, putting dirty clothes in his hamper. He’s growing up too fast!!