A Fool of Myself

Saturday, June 16


Let’s see. I spent the first half of the day in my jammies and an apron working around the house. Dishes (sans dishwasher). Laundry (at Betsy’s). Trash. Setting up the new bedroom.

Put the freshly painted owls and table and chairs in place in E’s room. Unpacked some vintage books for his room. Hung our bedroom curtains. Unpacked boxes of books. Need to purge office supplies.

And E was a bear all day. Rough time running errands with his dad this morning. Two hour nap. Rough afternoon, but playing outside with Dad and his new ball improved morale. Three hour nap. Dinner. Park. Bath. Bed. Sounds cut and dried, but there were more tears than I’ve ever seen before. Life is hard when you’re a toddler, I guess.