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Afghans, Pillows, and the Cutest Model Ever



I promised my Twitter and Facebook friends that I would post some pictures of my most recent crochet projects, and here they are!

E is helping me model the snuggly warmth of the scrap-ghan I finished a few months ago. I had to make 836 of those little motifs, but it definitely cleared out my stash of scrap yarn! Some motifs have started to come apart, so there’s been some patch work. But really, it’s nothing a needle, yarn, and Fray Check can’t handle.

The pillows are for my bed and coordinate with the curtains that will soon be hung in our new bedroom when we move next month. I’ll post pics of the curtains after we get moved in. I modified the pillow patterns from other projects I’ve completed. I suppose I might draft up patterns for them one day. 🙂


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