Road ID {gear}


I read a blog post out of Austin today about a cyclist who was recently killed while riding. It was a sad story, but it reminded me how important it is to be safe on the road. And one way to be safe is to always be prepared (hey, the Boy Scouts know what they’re talking about) by carrying some form of identification on your person. As we look ahead to the summer months, pockets in our running clothes are at a premium, which is why I often run with a RoadID.

Mine happens to be the RoadID Shoe Pouch ID. In addition to the 5-7 lines of text on the ID portion, it allows you to slip a few small essentials in its pocket. All together, it velcros onto my shoe laces (or VFF strap). As you can see, it comfortably fits a few dollars in cash, a ponytail holder, and my license. I can also trade the license for my over-sized car key. (Sidebar: Why are car keys so large these days?)

And as for what I have written on my ID, it has my name, emergency contact phone numbers, and blood type. It needs to be updated because one of the phone numbers is out of date, and when I do make the update (replacing the plate is inexpensive), I’ll also include that I am an organ donor.

All things considered, having a RoadID is a smart investment for your safety if anything should happen while you’re enjoying a run or ride. Better safe than sorry!