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January: New Year, New Runner?

Hi, Awesome Runners,

On my editorial calendar, I had listed the theme for January as “New Year, New You.” Turns out every. single. magazine on newsstands this month has that exact same headline on their cover. I’m uncomfortable doing what everyone else is doing, so after giving it some thought, I’ve switched up my January 2012 theme to be “New Year, New Runner?”.

Yes, there’s a question mark. For a reason.

Now, I could make the question mark about you. Maybe you’re on a fitness journey and starting to run this winter. Maybe you’ve been running for pleasure and exercise but have now committed to your first race. Maybe you’ve been running a long time and your running needs an overhaul. Wherever you are on the running spectrum, I’m certainly glad you’ve found Run More Awesome, and I hope to get to know you and encourage you wherever you are. And please know, that much of what I’ll be writing about this month is for you.

But the question mark is sort of about me this month. I have a lot of questions and ideas and plans for myself, my running, this blog, and the rest of my life flitting around my brain, and it’s difficult to make sense of it all. I’m contemplating a marathon, but that commitment scares the bejesus out of me. I want to lose the last of my pregnancy weight, lose some body fat, and tone my wobbly bits. They’re frightening. I want to finish planning my first 5K and enjoy directing it so much that I commit to directing another. I want to get my coaching certificate, which requires more money than I have.

So the question is, Am I going to be a new runner in 2012? Am I going to follow the advice in the running books and not overtrain? Am I going to cross and strength train so I can actually use my body and not lie on the couch napping all the live-long day? * Am I going to clean up my diet so my body can most effectively fuel itself? Am I going to commit to doing something that’s unfathomably hard? Something that will likely be the hardest thing I’ve ever done? **

I want the answers to these questions to be yes. I want to find out how disciplined and strong I can be. Because honestly, I haven’t had to work for much in my life, and I want to suffer and toil and find out what I am capable of. That said, in many of my posts this month, I’ll be working through what I want out of myself and my running in 2012. I hope you’ll join me on this little journey. Because really, I cannot do it by myself!

See you on the road,

Sarah Jo

* I work from home, so yes, napping on the couch every morning, afternoon, or both is an actual possibility. OK, it’s an actual reality.

** Yes, I have had a baby. Just the one, but in my mind running a marathon will be so much harder than giving birth. There are no epidurals in running.


2 thoughts on “January: New Year, New Runner?

  1. Sarah – just wanted to chime in with a couple of thoughts. 1 – running a marathon is NOT conducive to weight loss. The opposite, actually, unless you are SUPER diligent about nutrition. 2 – I would love to be a resource for you in any way I can: nutrition advice (I love swapping recipes!), cheerleader, accountability partner via text… (I hear I am quite good at nagging!) Seriously, let me know if you want any help!

  2. I know marathon training isn’t great for weight loss, so I thought I would dedicate the first 4-5 months of the year to fitness and weight loss and building base mileage. Then I would switch to marathon training in May or June. And I would love some added accountability! I just started using the LoseIt app to keep track of my calories; it has a friend feature.

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