Run More Awesome / Training {tech}

Sometimes it’s the little things that give us the push and the knowledge we need to start something new. In my case with running, it was Mr. Hal Higdon and his website, so I thought I would share this little bit of technology as a resource for your own training library.

(As a side note, Mr. Higdon’s name is funny to me because the chancellor at OTC where I teach is also Hal Higdon. This makes me laugh.)

For the first two or three years I ran, I acquired my training plans from I’m not sure why I chose this resource except that I believe Linden used his marathon training plan. Anyway, Higdon is an accomplished runner, writer, and coach, and his site provides novice, intermediate, and advanced training programs for race distances from the 5K to ultramarathons. Most  of these programs focus on distance as the factor that measures your fitness as your training progresses rather than say, heart rate, time, or pace.

The site is a great resource for looking at sample training schedules — they are all free — and getting some basic training terminology under your belt. In other words, excellent for beginning runners. Once you get the hang of the programs, they are simple to combine and tweak to fit your own needs. For example, when Linden and I were training for a 10K, we knew our training period was longer than the 12 weeks allotted for in the program, so we combined the beginner and intermediate programs. We also use this methodology for our first half marathon training.

Whether you’re a novice runner or an advanced athlete, I encourage you to peruse the site as an additional resource in your running tool belt.

Have you used Hal Higdon, his site, or his books as a resource for your running? How did his training plans work for you?