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A Watch for Everyday Running {gear}

This month, Run More Awesome’s theme is “Why Do We Start Running?” and as I’ve been reminiscing about my start in serious running, I’m reminded of my first running watch and the miles I shared with it. That watch is long gone, but here’s what I remember about it:

  • I bought it at the Kansas City Cabela’s soft opening. My dad worked on that construction project, and as a thank you (and to test their systems), Cabela’s invited all the workers to come shop before the store officially opened.
  • I’m pretty sure it was a man’s watch. It had a huge face, was black and yellow, and somewhat manly. If by chance it was a women’s watch, it was an ugly one.
  • I didn’t buy it for running. I bought it to use with my job as a host at Applebee’s because I always needed to know what time it was.
  • I did run with it periodically because it always told me how terribly slow I was running the two-mile loop near my house.

I wore this watch when I started running with Linden in grad school, and I continued to wear it for another two or three years until the band broke. And then I finally replaced it with a women’s Timex, the one shown in the picture. This Timex Women’s T5K020 Ironman Triathlon 30-Lap Resin Band Watch is a great little accessory for both running and running around town. It’s not a GPS, but it gets the job done when you just need a stopwatch or only want to know the timing variable while on your run (for instance, if you’re running on a trail with the miles marked). I also prefer this watch when I’m doing track work indoors because my GPS never works inside. Plus, when I wear it around town, I like to think that it sends a beacon to other runners that, yes, I run, too. And it signals to non-runners that yes, in fact, I’m one of those running people. (As if the VFFs I wear out don’t do this enough as it is.) If you need a watch for yourself or are looking for a gift for a special runner in your life, I recommend this one.

What’s your favorite piece of running gear that helped you start running?  


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