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Just Call Me 'Boo'

I should totally be grading papers or editing a freelance project tonight, but I feel like a lot has happened in my little running world since my last post, so I’m going to dump it all here for my sanity and (maybe) you’re entertainment.

Since my last post, I’ve started a list of running-related books that I want to turn into a blog post, but my perfectionism keeps getting in the way, so that will need to wait for now. I mean, have you googled ‘running books’? The results are a bit overwhelming. I’ve used some lists other runners have put together to make a must-read list for myself, and I’ve looked up at least 10 of the books I want to read on the local library’s catalog, and nothing is available. All of them are checked out or on hold. I’m glad that runners apparently like to read, but people, I need a running book to read!

Aside from my lack of reading material, here are some highlights from last week’s running:

  • I ran 6/10 of a mile in my VFF’s at the beginning of every run this week. I’m slowly, slowly transitioning to VFF’s/barefoot running, but I can tell a difference already. I feel so much better in minimal footwear. Fewer aches and pains. And even when I’m in my regular running shoes, I can tell my form is improving. I’m finally learning how to listen to my body. Love it!
  • I squeezed in a fifth day of running on Saturday. I just wanted to give the legs a stretch and get off the couch and out of the house by myself. On this run, I met a black man who was walking downtown. As I gave him my cursory wave and head nod, he said, “Hey, Boo.” I about ran off the sidewalk I was laughing to myself to hard.
  • Sunday’s run was a.maze.ing. Linden and I were scheduled to do eight miles, and I guess we both had the foresight on Saturday to get in the right combination of sleep and fuel. We spend the first half of the run running 5/10, walking 1/10. The second half we decided to only walk when we needed it, and we ran a mile at least twice without walking. Then around the 7.5 mile mark, we both felt great, so we decided to keep running until we needed / wanted to stop. We ended up running 8.6 miles. It was just one of those phenomenal runs that you pray you get every time you step on the road.
Linden’s half mary is in St. Louis on October 23, so we talked about her racing strategy for pacing and fueling and whatnot on race day. At Starbuck’s afterward, she got the idea that we could do the Bass Pro half mary on November 6. She only mentioned it in passing, but naturally, that sent me to the calendar to analyze and tweak our current training program. She would need the two weeks between the races to rest, recover, and taper, but I would need those two weeks to finish my training and taper. Not sure that I’m committing to that race yet. It’s not a question of training; there are just other mitigating factors to consider.
Oh, and I’ve committed to directing the 5K next summer for my church. This is such a huge undertaking that it’s all a bit overwhelming. I need to dedicate a few hours to look at the race directing resources I’ve gathered and put together a comprehensive list and timeline of all tasks. Then I can have my little committee come together and we can start divvying up responsibilities. Oy.
And in the coaching department, I’m researching running coach certifications. I plan to post my findings as I research. Friends, I can’t tell you how excited I am about pursuing this. I know that I don’t have enough experience. I know that I don’t have the education. I know that I’m barely qualified to be giving out running advice. But I want experience. I want the education. I want to help people find the joy in running that I have. Seriously, just thinking about it makes me want to jump up and down.
OK. That is all for tonight. It is past my bedtime.