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A Race of My Own

In addition to my dream of becoming a running coach, I’ve been approached by my church to direct a 5K next summer.

Ooh, boy.

First, from my very first race, I’ve been taking mental notes in case I ever direct a race of my own one day. Now, I’m sort of wishing I’d actually written those notes down. That would be helpful right about now. And let’s be honest, I’ve day dreamed more miles than I can count about how I would direct a race. Of course, my dream race involved a midnight run on New Year’s Eve with bands along the route and huge blowout at midnight. The race I’ve been approached about would be in the middle of next summer.

Second, I had a meeting last week with Kevin, the guy whose big idea this was. At our meeting, we talked about his objectives and goals for the race. We also talked about my concerns, which primarily involved recruiting volunteers during the middle of summer vacation. Many of my concerns were taken care of during that meeting. Kevin has already worked with the local community center and city officials for other events the church has helped sponsor, so I feel better about some of the larger logistics we would need to arrange pretty quickly. The church will be recruiting volunteers for race weekend beginning soon after the New Year (for both the race and another related event that weekend). And Kevin has a few key volunteers who have already agreed to serve on a race committee, and I feel good about these people I’d be leading.

I told Kevin to give me a week to think and pray about it. I’ve another meeting regarding a running class early this week, and I don’t think I can do both.

I’ve about 100 reasons why I should and should not, why I am and am not qualified to do this. But they’re really not worth dwelling on. I’ll have a decision made by Wednesday, and we’ll know then if I’ll also be blogging a lot about race directing.

In other news: I had an excellent seven-miler this morning with Linden, my running partner.

— Sarah Jo


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  1. Super cool. That’s a lot of a woman’s plate. Also, your running partner has a cool name. Finally, I see we know each other on different social media outlets. How did we meet?

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