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Starting Lines

I’m so glad you’ve run across Run More Awesome. My name is Sarah Jo Austin, and I’m a runner. My life in the fall of 2011 is taking a hard right turn toward running, specifically barefoot running, running coaching, and race directing. This blog is dedicated to this new journey that I’m on.

I blame much of this new direction on Born to Run by Chris McDougall. Just as I started running again in August after a long hiatus, I picked up this book with some birthday money, and it has stirred up in me thoughts and plans and dreams that I had buried. I’ve long wanted to do more with my running than merely getting out on the road several times a week. I’ve long wanted to give back to the running community what the running community has given to me.

I’ve long written on my personal blog about my running escapades as well as the rest of my life, but for now, I need a fresh start. I need a clean place to explore and research and document this new adventure. I’ve no idea if I’ll ever make it as a barefoot runner or running coach or race director. Judging by my running-experience-to-running-injury ratio and the 12:45 miles I’m presently clocking, I’m barely qualified to call myself a runner.

So here I am at a starting line to a new race. I hope you’ll run along with me!

— Sarah Jo


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