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Today I am struggling with what I imagine is the great struggle for women — especially moms — everywhere: How do I take care of this awesome kiddo while maintaining some sense of my own identity at the same time?

Every day is a series of choices that I must make for myself and my family. Do I sit down and take the time to nurse ElCo, or do I break out a bottle of formula because it’s easier and takes less time? Do I take care of myself with some time with the Lord, some exercise, or a shower? Do I answer emails from students and colleagues or play on the floor?

This week is especially trying on me. I want so desperately to get out of teaching, at least teaching ENG 101. I want so much to break into social media. In order to break into social media, I need experience and education. I need to network with social media experts and learn from them. I need to build my credibility so that I’m more than just a social media enthusiast and a full-fledged expert. There are so many opportunities to do these things every week in Springfield, but I am missing the boat. And I feel like I really am missing the boat; if I don’t stake my claim on the market now, there might not be any more land to claim once ElCo is in school, and I have time to pursue these things.


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  1. You know what – I struggle with these things too. Except from an opposite perspective; I wonder sometimes if my single-minded focus on my career has made me miss the marriage/children boat. And once I have time to pursue these things when my career is stable, will anyone want me? Will I even want children by then?

    So, I have no good answers for you. But I want you to know that I too fret about decisions I’ve made/will make and you’re not alone in that concern. I agree that it’s an on-going struggle for women everywhere and we all have our own version. I guess the key is finding a balance of happiness within your version. And…..I’ll give you a call when we’re 80 and I figure that balance out :). Love you.

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