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Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper Roasted Nuts {Recipe}

When ElCo came, my mom and mother-in-law both stocked our kitchen with groceries, and one snack we found in our kitchen was a package of Planter’s Flavor Grove Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper Cashews. They were a quick favorite of mine, but the package was small and expensive, so I invented my own recipe for sea salt and cracked black pepper nuts. Nuts are an excellent source of protein, and I try to get in a serving every day. I like to pair them with a serving of grapes or other light fruit for a midday snack.


  • Whole nuts — any variety. I buy a package of salted cashews and a package of roasted and salted mixed nuts from the produce section of the grocery store.
  • Olive oil
  • Cracked black pepper. If you want to experiment with other seasonings, do it here.
  • Sea salt


  1. Preheat oven to broil at 500 degrees.
  2. Pour nuts into a colander and rinse with cold water to clean off all pre-existing salt. Spread nuts over several paper towels to soak up excess water.
  3. Transfer nuts to a bowl. Drizzle with just enough olive oil to lightly coat all nuts. Stir.
  4. Spread nuts on a cookie sheet. Lightly sprinkle nuts with sea salt. Generously sprinkle nuts with cracked black pepper.
  5. Brown nuts under the broiler (middle rack) until nuts are golden brown and most of the moisture/olive oil is dried up.
  6. Cool on the cookie sheet before transferring them to an airtight container.

Serving Size: 1/4 cup

Calories: approximately 180, give or take a few calories to account for how much olive oil you drizzle on

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