A Fool of Myself

Big Thing #1: Return to Springfield

As I alluded to in yesterday’s post of my New Year’s Resolutions, the Austins have big things up our sleeves for 2011. The biggest thing is to move from our current home in Nixa to a new home in Springfield. The reasons are many, but let me first explain why we moved here in the first place. In winter 2005, we were newly engaged, in our last semester of college, and responsible for several leadership roles in our church in Ozark. Plus, Chris was working in Ozark. We looked for houses there rather than here, but never found anything we liked. Being close to work and church seemed like the thing to do at the time, and we have no regrets for moving into the house we found in Nixa.

Six years later, things have changed. Chris now works in Springfield, and his daily commute takes 30 minutes in the mornings and at least 45 minutes in the evenings. Since we sold both our cars this summer and replaced them with one new car, scheduling transportation — especially with Elijah’s eating and sleeping schedule — proves difficult. Church is still in Ozark, but making 8-10 treks in to Springfield versus 1 trek in to Ozark every week is sort of a no-brainer.

So we are working toward this big move. There’s a lot of things to do — and I’ll elaborate on a few of them in the next day or so — but many of them center on my resolution to own my possessions rather than letting my possessions own me.