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Update Frequently and Consistently | SEO for True Beginners

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Oh, dear. Today’s search engine optimization strategy is perhaps the hardest to swallow because the task is never finished. But please don’t be discouraged! Updating your web site frequently and consistently alongside the other search engine optimization strategies I’ve advocated in this blog serieswriting for human beings, identifying and implementing keywords, optimizing images, and formatting your text — works. Period.

Just like real-life spiders, search engine spiders like fresh flies — or in our case,  fresh content. Fresh content sort of tells the spiders that someone somewhere is tending to your web site, and spiders “learn” to come back to web sites that frequently and consistently serve up fresh grub they can eat index. But the trouble with many web sites — especially those that are a bit older or that are not built on a content management system (CMS) — is that they are difficult to update. And for many business owners, the key information about their company — company history, products, services, employees, contact information — doesn’t change very often. And if the web site is never updated, the spiders won’t come back very often.

So what are you to do? How do you update your sites frequently and consistently with fresh content and “train” the spiders to come looking for content? The answer is easy: blogging. [Honestly, if you know me at all, you should have seen this coming. I mean, I teach a Blogging for Small Business class, for crying out loud.] I won’t go into the nitty gritty of how to blog for your business today, but I will explain why blogging is so powerful for search engine optimization. Three primary benefits come to mind:

Blogging provides a platform for frequent updates.

Whatever blogging platform you choose — be it Blogger, Typepad, WordPress, or something else — it is built for you to publish new posts with relative ease. And when you are striving to update frequently while implementing the other SEO strategies in this series, you need everything to be easy. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: WordPress is my blogging platform of choice. Though it began solely as a blogging platform, it has evolved into a powerful CMS, and you can use it to manage your entire web site. In fact, I use it to manage several web sites, including this one. It is hands down the best blogging platform-come-CMS there is.

Blogging pings search engine spiders.

When you’ve published a new post on your blog, blogging platforms ping — that is, send a message to — search engine spiders, notifying them that new content is available on your web site. It’s up to the spiders to “decide” when they’re going to come to your site to check out this new content, but you can “train” them to come back by posting fresh content frequently and consistently.

Blogging establishes you as an expert.

Once again, the oh-so-important human-being-factor comes into play here. When you are updating your web site with fresh, keyword-containing content about industry trends, new products, tips for customers, and company news, you are establishing yourself as an expert in your field, and your readers will take note. And they’ll come back. And they’ll recommend your web site to other like-minded readers. And they’ll buy stuff from you. And they’ll link to you. And the search engine spiders will take note. And I could go on and on, but you get the picture. When you’re an expert in your field, you open yourself — and your company — to all kinds of opportunities.

I have aspirations of writing a blog series about blogging to build your business — something that covers much of what my Blogging for Small Business class does — but that must come another day. For now, I recommend jumping over to; Darren Rowse knows all about making money with your blogging efforts and will be an excellent resource in your blogging efforts. For today, if you’re currently blogging for your business, what other benefits have you observed from it?

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2 thoughts on “Update Frequently and Consistently | SEO for True Beginners

  1. I’ve been considering starting my own blog…but I’m not much of a writer. I’ve created blogs for other businesses but never my own personal blog. I like to build websites from scratch and this usually takes a lot of my time already. But I definitely agree with you…blogging frequently and keeping updated is very important as for SEO.

    …But maybe I should so I can look like an expert. 🙂

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