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Ever Know Something Too Well?

I’m getting my lecture notes together for tomorrow night’s blogging class at OTC, and I’m wondering if I know blogging too well to teach it to the small business owners in my class. Add to that the fact the fact that I only have three hours to convince them that blogging is valuable, share with them some strategies for success, and get them started on their own blogs, and my brain is about to tap out.

Hear me out. I’m not saying that I am a blogging expert. I’m not saying that I have nothing more to learn about blogging ever again. And I’m not saying that I’m ill-equipped to teach this course. What I am saying is that I converted to blogging in 2006, which is a long time in the cyber-verse, and my reasons for blogging are not the same reason I’m preaching to my students tomorrow night. And truth be told, I feel a little silly that my burgeoning company has not put our blog online yet. (It is on our to-do list, but let’s wrap up July and the insanity that has ensued first.)

But I do know that blogging has value for my company. That’s why I have plans for it. That’s why I am tucking away little lessons as they cross my mind because I know that they’ll make good blog posts. I know how to blog. I know what makes a blog sink or swim. I’ve had a my share of blogging successes and failures. I get it. I just hope that I can convince my students tomorrow night. (And not scare them with my enthusiasm for blogging.)

Wish me luck!