Gigantic Idiot

I Need a Pedicure

I should have taken a picture of my feet after tonight’s run, but they were so gross, I think you’ll be thankful that I didn’t take the picture and didn’t share it with you. I’m not sure what’s going with them: maybe it’s the running, maybe it’s the summer, or maybe it’s all the flip flops I’ve been wearing. I mean, they’re pretty callous-y to begin with; I mean, running does that anyway, but my feet have started peeling this week. Seriously, I am peeling fingernail-sized chunks of skin off the bottoms of my feet. But tonight, ah, tonight I pulled a half-dollar sized chunk of skin off my heel! Needless to say, I filed my feet after my shower and put on some foot creme. And I’m sort of hoping someone will take pity on my tozers and give me a pedicure for my birthday next month!