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Beavers Are Not This Busy

Oh my word! When did I get so busy? Oh, yes, when Linden and I decided we were going pro with this whole social media enthusiast thing. I won’t blog about our endeavors too much here–gotta save something for the business blog, when we get that rolling–but I’m really excited for some upcoming events that we’re helping promote.

Next week, I am teaching Twitter for Small Business I and II for the Community Enrichment Center at OTC, and the week after that, I’m teaching Blogging for Small Business.

Next week, Linden and I are attending the Missouri Distance Learning Association conference here in Springfield, and we are helping the administrators “blow up” Twitter by live tweeting the sessions we attend.

And the week after that, Linden and I are attending Online Edge: Internet Marketing Workshop hosted by Brett Curry and Chris Brewer. We are helping promote the event on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and we’ll be live-tweeting the event.

And the week after that, we’re wide open, aside from wrapping up the summer semester. But certainly, if you need someone to “blow up” your event on Twitter (or anywhere else), we are available!

P.S. The greatest thing about all this: Yes, I am so busy, I can barely get my to-do list in order, but I’m having a ton of crazy fun!!


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