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I Survived Spring Semester! Time to Blog!

I have officially survived my first semester of online community college teaching! And guess how I’m celebrating: With a dose of insomnia! I can’t sleep at all tonight, so I’m writing you, my faithful readers, a note. Well, I hope you’re my faithful readers; I hope you haven’t given up on me entirely!

So what’s happening? I really don’t feel like much is going on, but let’s recap the last two months. What has happened since March?

For starters, I registered for the Boomtown Half Marathon on June 12. Training is going pretty well. My shin splints are gone, and Linden and I have pretty consistently stuck to the FIRST training program.

I have not read any books. But I’m almost caught up on my periodical reading material.

Chris is trying to toilet train los gatos using the CitiKitti. Things have been smelly and messy around the house.

I got a Garmin Forerunner 405 for Mother’s Day / birthday / Christmas! What’s that? Mother’s Day? Oh, yeah, in other news, I’m 13 weeks prego. And I’m excited about that ’cause I got a GARMIN out of the deal! I gotta tell you, it’s like running with my own Mensa member. And Linden got one, too, and we’re two very happy runners.

Hmm. Anything else? I’ll save all my fun stories from teaching for another blog post (or 40).

So what’s new with you? I’ll try to catch up on comment replies and your blogs this week!


2 thoughts on “I Survived Spring Semester! Time to Blog!

  1. Isn’t there some grammar/writing rule against just sliding giant news in there? Blah blah blah, I’m pregnant, blah blah blah.

    This was, seriously, the worst kept secret ever.

    Congratulations!! You and Chris are gonna be great parents.

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