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My Annual Rant Against Daylight Savings Time

I am of the general opinion that whoever invented Daylight Savings Time should be drug out in the street and shot. I’ll be in a better mood next week (or next month) in July when my body has adjusted to one less hour of sleep. And I know you’re, like, Sarah, you don’t lose an hour of sleep every night–just the one night.

And I’m all, like, that’s a load of crap. And I’m all, like, using the word like because it’s “time” to go to bed, but my body says it isn’t, and so, like, I’m typing this blog post instead of, like, staring at my ceiling fan for, like, two hours. And I’m, like, super annoyed that this is how it’s going to, like, be for the next two months, so I, like, thought I might use the work like a lot in this blog post, so, like, you’ll be annoyed, too.

Because really this is what we do. After DST begins, we, like, get up at the same time, like, every day, but we go to bed, like, an hour later, like, every night. Right? Didn’t you ever find it weird in college that it was a lot easier to pull all-nights spring semester? And that whenever you were dating someone new in the spring, it was a lot easier to stay up until 5 AM falling in love with each other than it was in the fall? And that it was a lot harder to get to those 10 AM classes during the spring semester? Some people blame it on spring fever, which I have because I’m as sick of the last five months of winter as the next person. Seriously, when did Springfield turn into Bismarck? Anyway, I blame all these phenomena on DST.

Because really, who takes a two-hour nap at 6 PM? Me. That’s right, the afternoon foggies found me at 6 PM because they don’t honor DST, and they persuaded me to snuggle up under a warm blanket this evening to take a nappie-poo. And while I woke up around 7, I didn’t really wake up until 9:30, which is when I got my second wind and spent a few hours sewing curtains. Yes, I finally broke out the sewing machine the hubs bought me for Christmas. Yea! And now it’s 11 PM, and I’m wide awake. WIDE AWAKE.

And I’m sure you’re all, like, Sarah, just don’t take a nap. My response to this is DID YOU JUST START READING THIS BLOG? You want me, Nappy Napperson, to NOT take a nap. Has anyone asked you to just not breathe? How’s that worked out for you? If you say, “But Sarah, I need to breathe to live,” then you’ll understand how I feel about napping. And while your breathing doesn’t have a huge affect on the people around you, my napping does. If Sarah doesn’t get her nap, then everyone is going to know about, and ain’t nobody gonna be, like, happy.

So yes, yes, whoever thought DST was EVER a good idea should just crawl into a hole tonight because I can’t sleep, and darn it, SOMEONE SHOULD PAY.

P.S.1. I am thankful for the additional hour of evening sunlight. ‘Tis good for the running, which I’m not doing a for a few days because I have shin splints, which suck.

P.S.2. I’ll be less grouchy when my sleep schedule returns to “normal” and when hubs gets home from Chicago. Seriously, who goes to Chicago without taking his wife? That’s just mean. And I apparently use his body heat to regulate mine during the night because I’ve been sleeping with three blankets, socks, and a long-sleeve t-shirt the last two nights.

P.S.3. I’m channeling my inner Dooce tonight. Can you tell? Call it overflow from restraining myself while responding to student emails all morning. 🙂 Thanks for, like, putting up with me.


2 thoughts on “My Annual Rant Against Daylight Savings Time

  1. Yes, that was definitely a rant. And it is amazing just how much heat a man’s body can produce in one night. Maybe the cause of hotflashes are not hormones of the women, it is that our hubbies just get hotter as they age. (For the men reading this, I’m not talking “sexy hotter” – just someone turned up the thermostat hotter.) Now it is back to bed, since hubby has gone to work and by the way don’t forget to pull up the comforter before I climb into bed.

  2. To add to your rant…

    The person who invented DST also did not think about people with small children or pets that are schedule dependent at all.

    I won’t offer any advice, but when your up sewing at midnight, tweet me. I’m probably up sewing too 🙂

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