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How I Met Chris | TIBF

Today is Take It and Blog Friday over at SGFblogs.com, and this post is a response to the question, “How did you meet your significant other?” If you like my post, trot on over there, and read what everyone else has posted, too!

Chris and I have a funny little story. At least I think it’s funny, but I am terrible at telling stories, so I’ll just give you the timeline and fill in the details.

  • My Summer 2003: I am a junior in college. I move in with Betsy. I’m working at Applebee’s. I take a month-long mission trip to China. When I get home, Betsy is busy with the college and young adult departments at our church, and we have a constant influx of friends flowing through our house.
  • Chris’s Summer 2003: Chris just finished his first senior year of college; he has four semesters of 1-2 classes each to finish. He spends much of his summer hanging out with/pseudo dating a cool gal named Mel, who is a ballerina and English major. All of us run in the same crowd, so our paths cross quite a bit, though we never officially meet until the fall.
  • My Fall 2003: When I’m not at Applebee’s, I am working on my overloaded course schedule and spending my Friday nights editing a massive document for my editing class. I am volunteering on Tuesday nights with the college and young adult ministries at our church–hospitality/meet-and-greet stuff are my responsibility, which is ironic because I truly suck at being hospitable to strangers. Seriously. When we officially meet early in the fall, I learn that he has a history of ballroom dancing; I tuck this tidbit of information in the back of my mind. I think to myself that I should get to know Chris, but I take no immediate action. (Truth be told, I was more interested in someone else in our circle.)
  • Chris’s Fall 2003: Chris is directing the production for the Tuesday night ministry. He and Mel have stopped pseudo-dating to pray about the future of their relationship. In September, they decide they are going to start dating. Two days later she is killed in a car accident. He and I both struggle spiritually with her death. At one of our weekly leadership meetings, we are grouped together to pray, and he learns that I am taking ballet classes at school this fall.
  • Winter 2004: I begin a web development internship with our college ministry. Chris and I begin emailing back and forth about the vision of the web site because he oversees all creative communication for our ministry. One of the ministers in charge of our ministry announces that he will be planting a church in Ozark later this year. He asks Chris to join him as Director of Creative Communications, and he accepts the offer. Meanwhile, I am looking for graduate schools away from Missouri, and my mom and I travel to Colorado to check a few out. Had I not been on my way out of town, I would’ve begun meeting with the core group for the church plant.
  • Spring 2004: Because Chris will be leaving our ministry, he needs a replacement to direct production and oversee all things creative. He begins training me to take over. One night, after a ministry event, a group of us go to dinner. Actually, I think I organized our group dinner as an excuse for getting to know Chris. At dinner, I ask him, “So tell me, what one thing do I need to know about you, if we’re going to be friends?” His best friend Barron pipes up and says, “You should know that Chris almost went to jail.” The full-length version of this story takes Chris about 20 minutes to tell. (I can’t do it due justice in this blog entry, but I will try to get Chris to write it on his blog soon. Let’s just say that you only hire Dee Wampler as your lawyer if you’re guilty.)

This is point in the story where destinies are reversed and we begin “running the race” together. From that night forward, we were pretty much on a fast track to true love, much to the annoyance of Betsy (and I think Barron). (Little did they know that they’d be married in what we predicted would be the far-distant future.) Of course, there is much more to our story since this is just the beginning, but I’ll save those juicy details for another blog post.


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  1. haha! It’s hilarious to hear the whole thing from your perspective (particularly the “we have a constant influx of friends flowing through our house”). [praying that was the correct punctuation]

    I object that I was annoyed with you and Chris getting together; rather I was annoyed by the constant smooching sounds coming from the other living room!! 🙂 And yes, funny how the Lord works it all out. Enjoy the rest of the story…or be enjoyed by it, rather. 😉

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