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Boomtown Run Half Marathon Training

So I’m training for half marathon. Have I told you that? I’ve been hesitant to tell you all, well, because you all jinx me. I announce my plans to run a long race, and then I get injured or discouraged and quit. Anyway, I’m three weeks into training, and so far, so eehh. Let me explain.

  • First, I am training with Linden. Running with Linden makes everything better. +2
  • Second, it is February. And no one seems to have given Spring the memo to arrive as normally scheduled. We have been 20 degrees below normal all winter in the Ozarks. -1
  • Third, we’re only training three days week while using the FIRST half-marathon training program. The rest of the training is 2-3 days a week of cross training. (This Runner’s World article explains the program very well.) +1
  • Fourth, we’ve been doing speedwork indoors. Sharing the two-lane track with 10-year-old baseball players and Springfield’s Rugby Club. On this track, 10 laps equal a mile. I hate running indoors. -1
  • Fifth, my shins are sore and my calves are tight, but I’m icing them regularly. 0
  • Sixth, my knee and the ITBS is not bothering me, but I’m icing it regularly anyway. +1
  • Seventh, I have five days off. We missed our medium-tempo run this week because it was 17 degrees, and we were not willing to freeze our patooties off. (Though I think we both wouldn’t mind losing some of our backsides–and front sides and side sides–in this training.) Training resumes with a long run on Monday then two weeks of every-other-day running for two weeks. +1

I’m not sure how many potential points my little list could have earned, but according to my count, half marathon training has earned three points. Yes, I am enjoying myself. Yes, I am ready for spring. Yes, I am ready to move all my runs outside.

The race is the Boomtown Run Half Marathon in Joplin on June 12. We are training to finish the race between 2:12 and 2:30; anything under 2:30 (or 2:37 in my case) would be a PR for both of us.


2 thoughts on “Boomtown Run Half Marathon Training

  1. You can do it! And you should do it. Just think of how great you’re going to feel once you’ve for and completed the half-marathon. That would be an amazing accomplishment and a reference point for so many things in the future.

    Interval Training Man

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