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Taking Time to Blog

Today is Take It and Blog Friday over at This is my response to the topic Taking Time to Blog.

Time. Right. You may have read Monday’s post about the top 10 things I should be/want to be doing while I am letting online teaching take over my life. Blogging is one of those things that I want to be doing with my “free” time. And so here I am this morning (actually, it’s Wednesday morning, and I’m going to schedule this post for Friday, so I’ll look cool and “with it”), and I am taking time to blog.

Nike’s advice comes to mind. Just do it.

Yeah, it’s not that simple, but it is that simple. Just sit down and write. For five minutes. For five hours. It doesn’t matter. Just sit down and write. Don’t tweet about blogging. Don’t tweak your blog design. Don’t check your statistics. Because nobody is going to read your blog if you don’t give them something to read. Readers don’t care that you spent three hours adjusting the padding on your sidebars last night. They come to your blog, subscribe to your blog, because they want to read your blog. Or they’re family members who are afraid you might say something incriminating about them on your “blarg.”

Matt said it well when he reminded me that blogging involves more than writing. It’s “pimping” your blog to the world: social networking, commenting, designing, pleading, tweaking until the whole world reads it. And that’s overwhelming, so it’s no wonder that blogs have incredibly high abandonment rates. It’s a lot of frickin’ work!

My time is almost up, so to summarize: However much or little time you have to blog, spend that time writing.

Okey dokey artichokey. Time to vote. Brilliantly creative or gigantic idiot?