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Day of the Dead Couple

I gotta share with you a cute couple I crocheted for a customer before Christmas. Meet the Day of the Dead Guy and Gal:

How cute are they?! I found their pattern in Creepy, Cute Crochet. I bought this book last fall, and this was my first project to tackle. Isn’t the guy handsome?
Don’t you love the top hat and boutonniere?

Isn’t she pretty? Don’t you love her wreath?

I think their button eyes make them endearing!

I had a ton of fun making them. Lots of little details to make them special! I like going back and forth between little projects like this pair and big projects like afghans. The former take a lot of concentration, but I can finish them quickly; the latter generally have a pattern I can memorize, but they work up in less time.

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5 thoughts on “Day of the Dead Couple

  1. Oh yes…Chris hasn’t stopped talking about them! He keeps stopping me at work saying: “Have you seen what my friend made for us?” I’m trying to get him to bring them to the office so I can FEEL them (cause I’m just that way), but alas….nothing. 😉

    • @Jen
      Just blackmail Chris until he caves and brings them to the office. I thought they felt nice–not cuddly, per se, but a little fuzzy.

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