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Book Review | What Difference Do It Make?

I’ve finished the first book on my required reading list for 2010: What Difference Do It Make? by Ron Hall, Denver Moore, and Lynn Vincent! I read and reviewed Same Kind of Different as Me, the first book by Ron and Denver in 2007, and just before Christmas, their publishers contacted me about receiving a complimentary copy of their new book. My first blogging swag! How cool is that?

I’m under no obligation to review the book; they simply thought I might enjoy it. I did, and as a thanks to Tommy Nelson publishers, here are a few thoughts on it:

What Difference Do It Make? picks up where the previous book leaves off and continues the story of Ron Hall and Denver Moore. Most importantly, it chronicles the aftereffects of Ron’s wife Deborah’s involvement with the homeless in Fort Worth, TX. Nearly a decade after her death, her work still continues at Union Mission Gospel and inspires those who’ve read Hall and Moore’s books to get involved in reaching the homeless across the country.

In addition to reading the stories of other readers and how they were inspired to make a difference in the lives of the homeless, we catch up with Ron and Denver and learn how Ron came to make peace with his father before his father passed away. All of these stories testify to how God can work in the direst of situations and in the most broken of relationships.

I’m once again encouraged by these authors and the stories they tell, and I’m challenged to dig into the lives of those around me, not so I can change their lives but so God can! I think you’ll be encouraged and challenged by this book too! You can find copies at your local bookstore or on

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