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Trism: The Ultimate iPhone Game

I’d like to share with you today my favorite–and I think, the ultimate–iPhone game: Trism! Chris introduced it to me shortly after he got his iPhone, and it was the first app I purchased when I got my iPhone last fall. It is an excellent waste of time that will leave colored triangles etched on your eyelids when you fall asleep at night.

The object of the game is to group like-colored triangles together by sliding them on their axes (left-right, diagonal-right, and diagonal-left). When three like-colored triangle are connected, they disappear, leaving a gap on the playing board. Using the iPhone accelerometer, you then slide rows in your desired direction by tilting and rocking the phone. As your levels increase, challenges like exploding triangles and locked triangles make the game interesting? fun? frustrating? even more awesome? Yes, indeed.

Not convinced? You should know that Wired Magazine named Trism the third Most Awesome App of 2008. Need to know more? Wikipedia’s explanation of Trism game play and modes will fill you in. Want to buy it? It’s available for $2.99 on iTunes, of course!

If you’ve played Trism, tell me, is it brilliantly creative or were the creators gigantic idiots? Vote below: