Gigantic Idiot

An Update

The whole family stayed in tonight. Three of the four of us are asleep on their respective loveseats and ottomans. As for me, I worked on a commissioned afghan. Projects like this are addictive: just one more row, let me finish this skein.

Working to balance LPC, OTC, and all my other miscellaneous projects this week. It’s not easy not having total control of my schedule, but I’m making my free time at LPC count. Just 30 more days until I’m done!

As for the new year, I don’t do resolutions because I’d rather resolve an issue when it comes up not when the calendar changes. In light of upcoming work changes, one goal for the family is to eat out less. A lot less. Which means I’m cooking more. Which means the kitchen in perpetually a mess. But we’re having friends over for dinner more often. Always a good thing.

I’m also back on the abs diet. Again, it’s not a diet as much as it is a reasonable eating plan. It just requires a fun amount of planning and grocery shopping–my favorite. I’m horrible about varying what I eat during the day, so I’m trying to at least work in some variety in my meals from week to week.

I’m sure I’ve put you to sleep with these updates, so I’m off to bed. More soon!