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Big Big News! I Mean, Monumental!

It’s official! I will be teaching English 101 (Composition I) at Ozarks Technical Community College in the spring! I will be teaching two online 16-week classes starting in January and then adding two more online 8-week block classes in March (providing that they meet enrollment requirements, of course).

In related news, I’ve given notice at LifePoint. I’ll be seeing us through our move to our new facility in January/February and training a replacement(s), but my last day will be March 1. I know, it’s a lot of notice to give, but I want the leadership at LPC to have plenty of time to transition to the new facility and have time to find a new office gal (or guy).

So that’s my big news! (I bet some of you thought I was going to announce I was pregnant. On a side note, I think it would be really awesome to be early in a pregnancy around an April 1, so I could announce that I’m pregnant on April Fool’s Day, and everyone would think that I’m joking. THAT would be hilarious. Regardless, there is no baby news. Period.)

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