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Social Media Guru I'm Not

After reading this humbling post from ReadWriteEnterprise this weekend, I am repenting for ever thinking of myself as a social media expert. (No, I never said it out loud, but it still counts if you think it.)

Where did I ever get the notion that I’m a smartypants? I can definitely trace it back to grad school and my thesis, which had the phrase Web 2.0 in the title. That’s when I started researching the church and how Web 2.0 was affecting how the church does church. But that was two years ago, and and it is terrifying how out-of-date my thesis is. But I’m still doing work in this field: web development for my church; managing our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts; working with our volunteers who like playing with these things, too. See, I have experience. I’m not a social media idiot.

So last week, I started a new experiment in Twitter. OK, not really an experiment, but I resolved to engage more people in conversations and to share the stuff I think is interesting. (For a long time, I’ve done very little sharing about the things I love–like social media, blogging, running, crocheting, etc.–because, well, I thought it was a good idea at the time.) And all the experts (who are indeed experts and not gigantic idiots like myself) say that I should do these things so people will like me to build the value of my Twitter profile. And I’ve also been building some value by playing with Twitter’s new lists function. And I’ve been looking for new local people and new social media experts to follow. It’s been fun.

And what is the purpose of this post? I’m not sure. I just wanted to let you know that I’m not a social media expert. I have so much to learn, but what I am learning, I’ll be sharing here and on Twitter. And what am I? We’ll wrap up everything I love about social media (blogging, tweeting, Facebook, YouTube, etc.), tie a bow on it, and call me a social media enthusiast.

Time to vote on this social media’s narcissist’s repentance. Brilliantly creative or gigantic idiot?