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Recent Race Results (You'd Be Proud)

I’m a bad runner and haven’t shared with you any of my recent race results! Bad Sarah!

Waaaay back in September, I ran a tune-up race for the Sunshine Run 10K. The Bookin’ It 5K in Ozark was hilly, but I ran it in 33:55 and won my age category! I have a medal! I’m fancy!

Linden and I ran the Sunshine Run 10K in October. It was freezing, but sunny. Excellent course, too, in downtown Springfield. Our official time was 1:07:28. Right where we wanted to be! Thinking about another 10K on December 27 to keep me running through the holidays. If I can crack 1:07:00, I will PR.

Sarah, Betsy, Ashlynne, Linden, and I (and 1200 other people) ran the Silver Dollar City Run to the Lights 5K Friday night. Have mercy, I had forgotten how bad those hills were! We ran about two miles in the hilly parking lots and finished with a tour of the park in all its Christmas light glory (with the worst and longest hill at the very end). I finished in 33:11. Doing the Kansas City Turkey Trot next week. If I can break 32:41, I’ll PR. We’ll see.

This week, I’m laying low with some shorter workouts and yoga. My ITB syndrome / hamstring / left butt cheek are all in a tizzy. Hopefully, some stretching, icing, and rest will do them some good this week.

To review, in case you scanned:

  • September Bookin’ It 5K, 33:55 (10:56 pace)
  • October Sunshine Run 10K, 1:07:28 (10:53 pace)
  • November Run to the Lights 5K, 33:11 (10:42 pace)
  • November Turkey Trot 5K, ??? (32:40 for a PR, 10:32 pace)
  • December Run for the Ranch 10K, ??? (1:07:00 for a PR, 10:48 pace)