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Daddy Raised Me Right

The best way to start any morning is with a drivable car. This morning did not start with such a car. My rear driver-side tire was flat as a pancake. Thankfully I noticed the problem before I got out of my subdivision and was able to return to my dry garage to make the switch. And thankfully I’ve got a dad who raised me to change my own tires.

It took me about 40 minutes to change the tire; afterall, I’m not on a Nascar pit crew and I haven’t changed a tire since 2002. But I did it. And I had so much grease on my hands after the fact I had to use Goop to get cleaned up. But my designer jeans were grease-free.

Long story short, I apparently don’t take great care of my tires. The inside sidewall of this tire had some damage that required a tire replacement. And the other tire we replaced had some dangerous thin spots. The two that are left will need replacing by spring. But now that I think if it, we put these tires on my car in 2005, so it’s about time.

And so the question remains today: Am I brilliantly creative or a gigantic idiot? I think the answer is pretty clear, but you can vote below.



5 thoughts on “Daddy Raised Me Right

  1. When I was younger, I had a few junkers … and a lot of bad luck. I remember quickly learning how to change a tire, and got pretty good at it (unfortunately). I also remember having to teach my hubby how to change a flat. That was pretty awesome 🙂

  2. Here’s something funny. You are now following OTC on twitter. I got the email notification because I work in the Web department at OTC. I thought the name sounded awfully familiar. In case you have no idea who I am, let me refresh your memory. I’d hate for you to think I’m some crazy person. Kris probably called me Katie, I know Linda did. We had Teaching Tech Writing together….

  3. @matt Chris was at work in Springfield, and since I knew I could handle it, I didn’t bother asking for help. Just like a good, stubborn woman.

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