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The Sharpie/Google Training Calendar

The Sharpie/Google Training Calendar

The Sharpie/Google Training Calendar

Today’s “A Fool of Myself” moment is brought to you by Sharpie. And Google. I printed off blank Google calendars of October, November, and December and proceeded to write, in purple Sharpie, my training plan for the next three months. Then, I photocopied those calendars and they will be hung, with love, on my refrigerator, bathroom mirror, and office whiteboard. No, the plan will not be added to my online calendar. I’m sure the folks at Google are rolling their eyes at me for abusing their technology with purple Sharpie.

All right. Time to vote. Am I brilliantly creative or a gigantic idiot?

P.S. Still not a fan of blogging from the iPhone, but it sure is useful for posting pictures to my blog!


3 thoughts on “The Sharpie/Google Training Calendar

  1. Personally, I can’t do without Sharpies, and there’s just something about hand-writing it that makes me commit. Brilliantly Creative!

  2. ps, I LOVE the [new] look on the blog! (Perhaps it’s only new to me since I’m mostly on Google Reader)

  3. @Lori The template is brand new! I found it last night and thought it screamed me. You know, it looks all manuscript-y and stuff.

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