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Ooh, Look! I Can See All My Shoes at Once! Purses, too!

I organized our closet this week. It’s nowhere near as pretty as I’d like it to be, but at least our shoes are not piled into his-and-hers wicker laundry baskets any more. And my cute/funky purses are no longer in plastic containers; now they’re out where I can see them, and theoretically, use them more often. I even got rid of three pairs of running shoes/sneakers. I still need to clean out the summer clothes I didn’t wear this season. (Tip: At the beginning of every season, flip your hangers around so they hang backwards off the clothing rod. When you wear something off of one, flip the hanger around. By the end of the season, it will be clear what you wore and what you didn’t.)

And in a non-closet-organizing note, I’m looking into the Getting Things Done workflow. Mainly, I need a better system at work. Not because I’m disorganized, but because I answer to 15 or so people, and I need a workflow that I can give to them and say, “Hey, this is how I work best. If you need me to do something for you, this is how to get the best results.” So I’m working on inboxes. A physical one at work, three email inboxes (yes, I must have three: personal, work, Austin Creative), and eventually an inbox at home. I also need to work on a workspace at home (GTD says it’s a bad idea for spouses to share workspaces. I concur.) And I need to turn my laptop bag into a portable workspace. (Not a far stretch. During grad school, I carried an office supply store around in my bag. Mini stapler, hole punch, Post-Its, binder clips, paper clips, Visine, Uniballs of every color, dry erase markers, mechanical pencils, mechanical erasers, pencil lead, highlighters, white-out, Page Points, and at least two writing style guides. I was equipped to grade a paper at a moment’s notice. I miss those days…)

Six miles tomorrow + a wedding. BBQ Sunday night. I have a bit of Austin Creative work to do, but I think I’m going to indulge and break out some Jane Austen this weekend. I need to rest my brain. Have any excellent weekend!


3 thoughts on “Ooh, Look! I Can See All My Shoes at Once! Purses, too!

  1. Re: GTD and office supply store in your bag: This is one of many reasons why we are best friends. 🙂 Love you! (5 days!)

  2. I commenced attempting to re-read all of Jane Austen’s book this summer. I should be finished by the end of September, reading Pride and Prejudice now and have one more left! Enjoy!

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