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10K Training Update

How about a brief training update tonight? All in all, training is going really well. I’m surprised how much having a running watch and a training schedule posted in three places has kept me motivated. And Chris put some excellent running music on my iShuffle last week, and the right tunes have made a difference, too. On average, I’m hovering between 12:15 and 12:30/mile on all my runs; though Monday night’s four-miler was at an average pace of 11:32. Where that pace came from, I have no idea.

I’ve had some pain in my lower legs, both on and off my runs. First, it was cramping in my calves, but now it’s pain on the inside of my shins–shin splint territory. Eek! I’m icing and taking Aleve. I walked last night’s two-miler, and I decided to miss this morning’s speed work to rest for Saturday’s long run. Not happy about missing an essential speed workout, but I don’t want shin splints to turn in to stress fractures. I have a six-miler on Saturday and a 5K next Saturday, so hopefully things will shape up quickly.


2 thoughts on “10K Training Update

  1. I love those surprisingly fast days! Who cares where they come from! 🙂

    Don’t worry too much about missing the speed training. You are listening to your body, and that is important for staying fit. Maybe next week you can swap a speed session for a normal run?

  2. You’re right. Listening to my body is good. Next Saturday is a tune-up 5K, so I would probably be OK to make a substitution.

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